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NBA Standings: Hawks 1 of 3 teams over .500 in Eastern Conference

The Atlanta Hawks' 11-10 record is the third best mark in a severely lacking Eastern Conference.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Eastern Conference may be struggling but don't tell the Indiana Pacers who went into San Antonio on Saturday and came away with a 111-100 win to improve to 18-2 on the season. The Pacers are clearly the class of the east right now and are followed by the Miami Heat who are 15-5. The only other team with a better than .500 record? Our own Atlanta Hawks.

There are several teams inching closer to the .500 mark. Detroit reached that level at 10-10 on Saturday with a 92-75 win over the Chicago Bulls. The Pistons now hold the Conference's longest winning streak at four games. The Washington Wizards are 9-10 and the Charlotte Bobcats are close behind at 9-11. The Bulls have dropped seven of 10 and are now 8-10 on the season.

It is still a bit surprising to look at the bottom of the standings and see the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks who are both thankful for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Knicks have won two straight take on the Atlantic Division leading Celtics in a matinee on Sunday. The problem is the Knicks are 5-13 while the Celtics lead the division at 9-12. The Nets snapped a losing skid Saturday night with a win over the Bucks but are just 6-14.

Here is a look at the current East Standings:

Eastern Standings

Indiana Pacers 20 18-2 .900
Miami Heat 20 15-5 .750
Atlanta Hawks 21 11-10 .524
Boston Celtics 21 9-12 .429
Detroit Pistons 20 10-10 .500
Washington Wizards 19 9-10 .474
Charlotte Bobcats 20 9-11 .450
Chicago Bulls 18 8-10 .444
Cleveland Cavaliers 20 7-13 .350
Toronto Raptors 18 6-12 .333
Philadelphia 76ers 21 7-14 .333
Orlando Magic 19 6-13 .316
Brooklyn Nets 20 6-14 .300
New York Knicks 18 5-13 .278
Milwaukee Bucks 20 4-16 .200