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Hawks home attendance figures down 9 percent over last season

The Atlanta Hawks are in third place in the Eastern Conference yet their home attendance is down nine percent from last season.

Bruce Bennett

SB Nation's Tom Ziller takes a closer look at some attendance trends from around the NBA and focuses on the feel good stories in Sacramento and New Orleans. However, every team is not drawing at the box office and our own Atlanta Hawks' home attendance is down nine percent over last season.

This data brings one simple question to my mind. WHY? Currently there is more national optimism surrounding this team than in decades. They are in third place right now, in an albeit less than stellar Eastern Conference. How anyone could sit down and watch this team and not come away entertained most nights I don't understand. They share the basketball, play the game the right way and have been on most nights competitive to the end.

Is there star power on the team? Not necessarily, but I'd go so far to say that it is similar to that in Sacramento and New Orleans. It's certainly on par with Cleveland who has also seen a bump in their numbers.

There is also other things to consider. Basketball has never necessarily taken off in Atlanta and is firmly the third wheel behind football and baseball. Traffic makes getting to the arena an adventure and frankly it's very expensive to bring a family to a game. Still, other teams are getting fans in the seats so something clearly isn't right.

Ziller does bring up another point in his article that I suppose bears mentioning.

Before Al Horford's injury, the Hawks were on track to be the third-best team in the East ... and average a capacity of 73 percent. Does Atlanta really miss Josh Smith that much?

If you aren't watching the Hawks because you miss things like this and this, then I don't know what to tell you.

Exit Question: Why do you think attendance is down this season and why aren't you going to see this team?