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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Fall After Rough Week

The Hawks weren't exactly that great this week after losing some games. Let's see where we rank after the rough week our Hawks had.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

This past week hasn't exactly been a good week for the Hawks or us fans. Slow finishes or starts contributed to a few losses so far in the season and hopefully this is something that can be fixed. Before I get carried away like I tend to do when discussing the Hawks and their struggles, let's take a look at where we are ranked across the nation in this week's power ranking.

First on the list Jason Patt of drops us to #15, mentioning how we miss Kyle.

The Hawks looked like the clear cut third-best team in the East just one week ago, but things didn't go so well this past week. Atlanta has lost four of five and didn't really compete in two of the losses. Kyle Korver's rib injury hasn't helped matters.

Second on the list we have Matt Dollinger of placing us at #16, but mentions that Jeff could get into this year's All-Star Game.

Much like Jrue Holiday last season, Jeff Teague has taken his game to the next level (17.3 ppg, 8.1 apg) and could sneak onto the All-Star team. The point guard got his due from our own Rob Mahoney over the holiday weekend.

Third on the list, Jimmy Spencer of puts the Hawks at #14, mentioning that he is awaiting Korver to break the record.

The Hawks aren't doing "all that bad," and are therefore a top team in the East. Kyle Korver has 88 consecutive games with at least one 3-pointer, just one away from Dana Barros' record. Of course, there's more excitement built around remembering Dana Barros than the record itself.

John Schuhmann of drops us to #17 after mentioning our struggles.

If it weren't for a 24-12 fourth quarter and Al Horford's game-winner against the Mavs on Friday, the Hawks would be on a five-game losing streak. Their offense is struggling, especially with Kyle Korver missing the last three games. Jeff Teague has shot 32 percent over the last five. But after they visit San Antonio on Monday, the Hawks play seven of their next eight games at the Highlight Factory.

Marc Spears of also drops us, but this time to #16.

Despite not owning a winning record, Atlanta still has the East's third-best mark. Next up: San Antonio, Clippers and Oklahoma City.

Matt Moore of also drops us to #16 after making yet another weird reference.

They can't decide if they're good or not. It's like one of those bad B-movies. "Are they the hunter ... or the hunted?" Starring Stephen Baldwin.

Finally, Marc Stein of drops us to #19 while once again mentioning our struggles.

The Hawks had won 11 in a row against Orlando and 18 of 19 against Washington and wound up losing to both last week. If not for an utter fourth-quarter meltdown from Dallas, Atlanta would be sporting a five-game skid to leave the East with no less than 13 teams sporting sub-.500 records.

Well that's it for this week's power ranking. As we should have expected, the team did indeed drop after having a week like we did. Hopefully the Hawks will get it together this week and upset a couple teams so that can we see a boost in our ranking. Also even though we did drop this week, the team still managed to rank in the mid-to-high teens. Anyway I will stop here so you guys can look at the rankings again and let me know what you think in the comments.