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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Moving Up

After a strong week the Hawks look to be on the move up the rankings. Let's take a look at where our team ranks in this week Ranking.

Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack
Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack
Kevin C. Cox

In case you missed it, the Hawks have won all three of their games last week and are finally over the .500 record. Our offense is really starting to click and by the look of things, our weapon off the bench Lou Williams is starting to get back to his old self. I am fully expecting a jump in the rankings this week after pretty much winning 3 games in a blowout fashion last week. So without holding you guys up any more, let's get the rankings started.

Jason Patt of puts us at #10 with complementing how our offense has picked up.

The Hawks have officially staked a solid claim as the third-best team in the Eastern Conference. Atlanta has won three games in a row, averaging 118.7 points in the process. In addition, Lou Williams is showing some flashes of brilliance in his return from an ACL injury.

Jimmy Spencer of decides to troll as he moves us up to the #12 spot.

You’ve heard of the "cheerleader effect," right? It’s an extremely scientific term that states a group of women or men may look good in a pack, but they aren’t as pretty when you look at them as individuals. Anyway, pull the Hawks out of the East — and, yeah

Next John Schuhmann of moves the Hawks up to #10 after an impressive showing on the offense.

The Hawks fattened up on the dregs of the Western Conference last week, scoring124 points per 100 possessions and beating the Lakers, Kings and Jazz by a total of 64 points. Now, after they visit the Heat on Monday, they'll play six of their next seven games against East teams under .500. Kyle Korver hit eight threes against Sacramento and could take his streak to 100 games in Orlando on Sunday.

If anyone can make sense of what Matt Moore of says about us, then I would gladly appreciate it. Anyway he decided to move us up to #11 after a strong showing this week.

This team is like the college sophomore who comes home with a new major every three weeks. "Now I'm a psychology major!" "Now, marine biology!" "Now geology!" He graduates with that business degree, anyway.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports moves us up to #12 and also takes note of our high assist rate

The Hawks, one of just three teams in the East with a winning record, play at Miami on Monday. Atlanta averages an NBA-best 25.6 assists.

Marc Stein of also moves us up within to the #9 spot while mentioning our great team play.

There's nothing nicer we can say, no better gift we can give Hawks fans, than merely shouting out this reminder to the world that Al Horford, Kyle Korver and friends are the East's unquestioned No. 3 team this Christmas. Nothing can change it (or explain it) between now and Wednesday.

Finally, Matt Dollinger of decides what Christmas gift this team deserves as he moves the Hawks up in the ranking to #10.

Surround-sound speakers. The Hawks have the second-worst home attendance numbers in the league this season despite having a playoff-bound team. It's not going to be easy creating noise in Philips Arena with less than 14,000 tickets sold per game, maybe this will help.

Well that does it for this week in the rankings. As expected, the team moved up in the overall rankings after some convincing wins last week and we even managed to land in the top 10 in a couple of rankings. I hope that the team can continue to keep their strong level of play up and even find a way to improve in the upcoming week. Anyway, that's it from me and let me know what you guys think in the comments.