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2013 NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Move Up After a Strong Week

We have reached the point where we are past 20 games into the season. Let's see where the Hawks are ranked around the nation.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

This last week has been a pretty good week for us Hawks fans. We actually looked great against the Spurs in San Antonio and we also blew out 2 teams and one being a contender from the West coast. Oh yeah and Kyle Korver broke some record and forever cementing his name in the book of basketball greatness. Just messing with you guys, for that I will try my luck at saying Korversanity and Kyle Korver Have it All. Anyway all of this didn't go unnoticed from the writers across the nation in this weeks power ranking.

So to start us off, Jason Patt of moves our home team up to #12 and mentions the Korver Streak.

The Hawks' two-game winning streak coincided with the return of sharpshooter Kyle Korver from a rib injury. In the last two victories, Korver went 8-of-12 from three and set a new record for consecutive games played with a made three-pointer. Here are highlights from Korver's streak:

Next, John Schuhmann of moves us up slightly to #14 and actually takes mention of Korver's defense. Who knew this could happen?

Kyle Korver's streak of 90 straight games with a 3-pointer is somewhat trivial, but he really is an offensive weapon. The Hawks are 51-39 in the 90 games and have scored 6.6 more points per 100 possessions with Korver on the floor than they have with him on the bench over the last two seasons. Through hard work and a couple of years with Tom Thibodeau, he's become a solid defender as well.

The Hawks make the #15 spot in Marc Stein's ranking even though he is worried about Schröder going to the D-League.

We interrupt Kyle Korver's record breaking with some Dennis Schroeder panic: Scrounging for PT behind Jeff Teague when Teague is playing the ball of his life is one thing; losing out to Shelvin Mack for the backup minutes and winding up on a D-League assignment to Bakersfield worries us.

I discovered a new site this the other day and found that dropped us a few spots to #17.

I like the Hawks and I think they'll get better as they play more together. Keeping it close in San Antonio was a good indication that they can compete with the elite. Thankfully, the East provides ample opportunity to play themselves into shape.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports moves us up to #15 and is hoping Korver can make it to 100.

Kyle Korver has hit a 3-pointer in an NBA-record 90 consecutive games. Can he stretch it to 100? moves us up to #14 after Matt Moore realizes the strength of this front court.

Paul Millsap and Al Horford figured out how to play together and it's pretty impressive.

Matt Dillinger of moves our Hawks up to #13 and realizes the great job that the new coach is doing.

Coach Mike Budenholzer's quest to turn the Hawks into the Spurs of the East is off to a solid start. Atlanta ranks second with 24.4 assists per game. First place? You guessed it.

Finally, Jimmy Spencer of drops us to #17 after looking at our struggles last week.

Some guys just have to be part of that in-crowd. Atlanta, losers of five of six, is doing its best to fit in within the disappointing Eastern Conference. There are now just two teams remaining in the East with a winning record.

Well that does it for this week in the power rankings. It seems that our team moved up a little bit but overall didn't move that much. Some of the writers dropped us but hopefully if we do well against some of the tougher competition this week then we will see our ranking rise. Honestly though I think that we should be overall ranked in the mid-teens or maybe even lower after having good success in getting two big wins and only losing because of a buzzer beater on the road, but this is just my opinion. Anyway leave me your thoughts on the ranking this week in the comments and where you think we should be ranked. As always go Hawks and go (insert team playing the Nets)!!!