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Dennis Schröder could face discipline for low blow to DeMarcus Cousins

Dennis Schröder could face discipline from the NBA after delivering a shot below the belt to Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks rookie Dennis Schröder could be getting a call from the NBA offices after delivering a low blow to Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins while fighting around a screen. Cousins talked about the incident with reporters after the game. Per Cowbell Kingdom:

"I took a cheap shot to my lower area," Cousins told reporters from his locker after the game. "They (the refs) just blew it off. I guess because it was me. But as soon as something happens on the other end, because it's me, they run to the camera."

Cousins, "everyone is out to get me" attitude aside, appears to have a legitimate gripe. Schröder at the least is probably looking at a fine and maybe even a one game suspension.

Kings minority owner Shaquille O'Neal posted a video of the incident on his Instagram page:

Schröder played 19 minutes in the game and finished with six points and seven assists.