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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Stay Steady

The Hawks seem to be the only team overachieving in the Eastern Conference this season. Let's see where many writers rank us in their power rankings.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's no mystery that a majority of the teams in the East have been underachieving. Some teams seem to be tanking while others that are meant to be competing seem to be greatly underachieving. As a result of this, the Hawks are higher in the standings in this young season that I would have guessed prior to the season starting. Anyway as it is, the Hawks are currently third in the Eastern Conference and by any means are one of the few teams over achieving this season.

Jason Patt of gives us his thoughts on this very thing in this weeks power ranking as he puts us at #13.

Thanks to the awfulness that is the East, the Hawks currently hold the No. 3 seed. Kyle Korver creeps closer and closer to Dana Barros' consecutive games with a three record, and Korver could break the mark of 89 straight games this week.

Matt Moore of seems to be trolling Hawks fans with his thoughts of us being at #11.

Padding their win margin without impressing anyone: the Atlanta Hawks way.

Marc Stein of puts us at #16 and realizes that, in a way at least, this team is not underachieving.

Only three teams in the East have winning records. Only four have positive nightly point differentials. So it's tough to hammer the Hawks too hard -- even after a disappointing home loss to Boston -- when they're on both short lists. Amid all those East underachievers, at least they're achieving.

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports puts us at #12 while mentioning our light schedule so far.

Tough to get excited about the Hawks' good start because they lack a signature victory against a power team. The Hawks play at Houston on Wednesday.

Matt Dollinger of puts our Hawks at #13 after realizing the greatness known as the Korver Streak.

The Hawks are filled with pleasant surprises, but most notably might be Kyle Korver, who has been particularly accurate (53.5/52.9/93.3) this season, even for Kyle Korver's standards. His 71.7 True Shooting Percentage is the best in the league.

Well I'm glad that someone witnessed the Millsap dunk. John Schuhmann of makes mention of this as he ranks the Hawks #11 on his list.

Did anyone know that Paul Millsap had this in him? The Hawks' offense struggled - scoring just 95 points per 100 possessions in four games - last week, but Kyle Korver is still going and could pass Dana Barros' record of 3-pointers in 89 straight games on Friday. Korver is at 87 straight and is averaging 5.5 3-point attempts during the streak. He's missed five threes only once in his last 39 games.

Finally, Jimmy Spencer of makes mention of how light the Eastern Conference is this year after putting us at #13.

It’s only 10 games, but it’s looking possible that Atlanta, by default, could be one of four East teams to claim home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Seriously, what team knocks them out of that spot? OK fine, there’s a long way to go.

That does it for this week in the rankings. It seems like our ranking hasn't really moved much when compared to last week so hopefully we can improve our rank in these upcoming weeks when we go up against some teams from the west coast. I understand that we haven't really gone up against top teams so we can only hope that we beat the teams that we are supposed to when we play them. Anyway as always let me know what you think of our rankings in the comments.

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