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Find out how to come to Peachtree Hoops Appreciation Night!

A night? For us? From the team? You betcha!

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks and Peachtree Hoops have come together for an unprecedented Peachtree Hoops Appreciation Night, where our community can go online for specially priced tickets for evening and enjoy a pre-game get together, complete with a Hawks-related speaker for some Q&A.

We really appreciate the Hawks wanting to do this and we are stoked to show our passion and community in partaking of the festivities.

The game is against the Utah Jazz on December 20th, the first day kids are out of school, we think (maybe?) and a Friday night game so keeping the kiddies up later wouldn't be as much of an issue.

I plan on bringing the whole Walker clan out for the game -- and it's an impressive starting five.

Please see below for the link and password including instructions on how to order online.

  • You MUST use the link above to access the special offer for Peachtree Hoops
  • Please use the Special Offer Code: Peachtree in order to access the special ticket offer.
  • New users will then be prompted to set up an account (on the right-hand side).
  • All tickets must be purchased with a valid credit card.
  • Tickets will be emailed to the account holder directly.
  • **If you do not receive your tickets within 30 minutes please email

  • Obviously, we want to show the Hawks that this is the most passionate community in the Hawks universe and take them up on their offer to appreciate us so make plans and come on out! It would really be awesome to blow out their expectations as far as attendance is concerned.

    We'll have more detail around the speaker and the festivities as the date approaches, so stay tuned. Please feel free to put any questions about this in the Comments area -- we'll get answers as soon as possible.

    Thanks to the Atlanta Hawks, Amy Janus and you guys, the Peachtree Hoops community, for making this all possible!