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Hawks stress transition defense in preparation for Raptors

Mike Budenholzer stressed transition defense and a team commitment on the glass as keys against the Toronto Raptors.

Kevin C. Cox

Mike Budenholzer met with the media in advance of the Hawks' home opener against the Toronto Raptors. Budenholzer stressed the need for improvement in transition defense as well as a commitment on the boards especially from his guards.

"You guys are probably going to get tired of me saying this but a lot of it is our guards. Our guards have to rebound. Our guards have to get in there and help our bigs. Its something we talk about in practice."

Coach Budenholzer also indicated that second-year guard John Jenkins is available tonight and was also available against the Mavericks. There has been no change in his status. No indication on whether or not he will play tonight against the Raptors.

"He's available, he was available in Dallas so there is no change."

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