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Hawks visit YMCA for NBA Cares

Entire Hawks team hangs out and teaches basketball to kids.


As part of NBA Cares Week, the entire Hawks team and coaching staff visited Atlanta-area Wade Walker Park Family YMCA and put on a free basketball clinic for 60 children ages 9-13. From the looks of it, both the team and kids had fun spending the day learning about basketball. It's always great to see them giving back to the community.

P.S. For those who don't know, I'm Jane and I'm new here at Peachtree Hoops. I'll be posting fan news and cute things the team does like this! I'll also be copy editing so everything is cohesive here during the season. Since I love both journalism and the Hawks (even though the love of my basketball life Zaza left me), I'm really excited! You can follow me on twitter at @inthecalzone.

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