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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks slide

Well we know this was a rough week for our Hawks, so lets see where many of the experts rank us.

Larry Drew seemingly staring into my soul, well that or he is wondering if he should question a call
Larry Drew seemingly staring into my soul, well that or he is wondering if he should question a call

I'm not gonna mention the fact we blew a huge lead to Boston and act like this team did not lose to the hated Boston Celtics. I'm telling you guys, that most recent loss did not get to me and is not making me upset even 3 days after the game. Im not going to complain about how we can't seem to beat them and I am forced to hear all those annoying Boston fans in Phillips. Instead lets move on and put the game behind us BECAUSE I'M OVER IT...................... Moving on lets see what this weeks batch of rankings has to say about our team

John Schumann at drops us to #11 and makes mention of our struggles this past week

The Hawks' defense was slipping near the end of December, but it was their offense that struggled in their three losses last week. They got to the line just seven times in Houston and then shot just 41 percent against the Pistons and Celtics. Josh Smith shot 4-for-18 on Saturday and has shot just 35 percent against Boston with Kevin Garnett on the floor over the last six seasons.

Marc Stein at drops us out of the top 10 to #12.

The Hawks just endured their worst week of the season thanks to a one-point loss in Detroit and a 33-9 drubbing in the third quarter the next night to blow a big lead at home to Boston. Amazing that it took this long, though, to see them slip out of the top five in defensive efficiency.

Sam Amico at seems to keep us in the top 10.

Won 20 of first 30 games. Most suspected it’d be the other way around. Most obviously forgot how good Al Horford and Josh Smith can be.

Seth Rosenthal for has has us at #11 and making mention of our "missed long 2's"......... I wonder who he could be talking about.

After a terrific stretch, Atlanta's offense totally floundered in a failed comeback against the Pistons and a miserable collapse in Boston. One commonality between those games: A whole lot of missed long twos.

Well after a rough week, it seems that we have dropped but not by much. My guess is that those doing the rankings still want to keep us in the upper half thinking that we will bounce back this week and still be a top 4 threat in the Eastern Conference.