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Danny Ferry fined for 'inappropriate interaction' with game officials

Hawks general manager Danny Ferry was fined $15,000 by the league for allegedly handing over a DVD to game officials after the game. The DVD reportedly contained video of Rajon Rondo's interaction with an official during Saturday's game against Boston.

Jim Rogash

Atlanta Hawks general manager was fined $15,000 by the NBA on Monday for what the league deemed "inappropriate interaction" with game officials following Saturday's loss to the Boston Celtics. Ferry reportedly handed over a DVD to the officials after the game. Exactly what was on the DVD isn't clear but there is a good chance that it could have included Rajon Rondo's interaction with official Rodney Mott in the third quarter.

After being called for a charge against Josh Smith, Rondo protested the call to Mott and made contact. However, no technical foul was issued and play continued. The league suspended Rondo for one-game on Monday.

Here is video of the incident:

If you remember its not the first time that Rondo has run afoul of game officials at Philips Arena. Rondo was ejected in Game 1 of last season's first-round playoff matchup against Boston and was suspended for Game 2 after he chest bumped referee Marc Davis.

As for Ferry's role in all of this it is likely that the incident would have been reviewed by the league without DVD evidence. From a locker room perspective I am sure it is refreshing to the players and coaches to know that Ferry has their backs. Just add this to the growing list of history between the Hawks and the Celtics.