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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks remain steady after rough opening to the new year

The only way I can describe our recent rankings is that we were at one point free falling, then all of a sudden we reached back and pulled the parachute. Anyway the Hawks have finally stopped falling in the ranking and actually keeping steady.

Wide Open
Wide Open
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Well in case you have been living in a cave, the Hawks have had a pretty rough month in January with a just a terrible losing streak that pretty much ended with our super-sub and Georgia native Lou Williams hurt and out for the rest of the season. Well the good news of the week was the overtime thriller and amazing comeback win against the hated Boston Celtics. So yeah no matter what you say, I am still in a good mood from that win.....Eh sorry was beginning to rant of my new love of Korver. Anyway lets move onto the Power Rankings where Marc Stein of will start us off noticing the small improvement and moving us to #17.

Milestone roller coaster for the injury-hit Hawks over the weekend. The comeback from 19 points down against Boston is the biggest recovery from a halftime deficit for any team all season. But the loss to the Knicks was the club's first 60 percent shooting from the field since March 1981.

Sam Amico of has us at #12 while noticing some of the stuff happening behind the scenes.

Josh Smith had an issue with management and is supposedly on the trading block. Basically, same as it ever was for the talented, but always inconsistent, Hawks.

John Schuhmann at has us #15 and thinking we will take a jump up in the rankings by next week.

A week ago, the Hawks were free falling into the eighth spot in the East. Then they won three straight, including a big one against the Celtics, and almost got an even bigger one in New York on Sunday. Most of their January struggles have come on the road, where they've lost seven of their last eight. They've won seven of their last nine at the Highlight Factory, where they play four of their next five.

Matt Moore at also moved us up to #15 but yet asking one of the most obvious questions in all of our thoughts for the rest of the season.

Can they survive the Lou Williams injury?

Well that's it for this week in the rankings. I'm hoping that we will have gotten our act together and will start to play better and with purpose for the rest of the season. Also hopefully some of our guys that got snubbed from the all-star game will play with some vengeance and move us up not only in the rankings, but also in the Eastern Conference. But anyway, what do you guys think? Will the Hawks move up and get some wins or will we fall back down due to distractions involving trade with Josh and the injuries that hit us?