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Grantland looks at Josh Smith trades

With the recent Josh Smith news, Zach Lowe of Grantland looks at some likely and unlikely trade destinations for the nine year Atlanta Hawk.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Ferry is evaluating things as he looks at the next iteration of the Atlanta Hawks, the focus has shifted, as we expected before the season, to Josh Smith.

This season, even the most ardent of Smith fans has to admit, has not gone well for Josh. His worst habits have taken center stage and even his leadership, something that blossomed last season as Smith carried the Hawks, without Al Horford, to the playoffs, has fallen off, bottoming out with his one game suspension conduct detrimental to the team.

Without the given that Smith would be back as a Hawk next season and beyond, Zach Lowe of Grantland takes a detailed look at possible trade destinations for Smith, and comments on the reality of any and all the possible landing zones. Lowe also looks at the other aspects of whether or not teams would deal for Smith or if the Hawks would be willing to deal.

Here's one of our most favorite destinations to shoot down over the course of two plus seasons at Peachtree Hoops:

Los Angeles Lakers

Here's your obligatory Lakers mention, and your obligatory reminder they have no assets anyone wants right now, barring a massive Pau Gasol resurrection and a third team willing to help them.

Nice. Thank you, Zach! I would send a gift card to you....except that it's highly unlikely that even your most blunt, reasoned conclusion regarding Smith to the Lakers would even puncture the dream bubble that some of the Laker faithful live in in regards to the purple and gold.

Go read the whole thing, see where Zach thinks is the most likely and the most fun destination and his assessment of Josh's situation and then double back here to talk about it.