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NBA Power Rankings Hawks plummeting

Well this shouldn't come as a surprise, but if you haven't guessed it the Hawks are currently just free falling in the standings. Lets see where we fall this week.

Getting Nervous?
Getting Nervous?
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

First up for, we have Seth Rosenthal moving us down to 14.

Is it just the tight, road-heavy stretch of schedule killing the Hawks, or is something genuinely wrong with their defense?

John Shuhmann at drops the Hawks to #15

A big fourth quarter got them a win against Utah on Friday, but the Hawks lost five of their last six and have the 26th ranked offense in January. They're shooting well, but their other numbers (offensive boards, free throws, turnovers) are all weak. So it's probably not a good time for three big games -- vs. Chicago and Brooklyn (x2) -- against teams they're fighting for playoff position with.

Marc Stein at drops us to #18

Remember that 10-5 December? Feels like ages ago ... especially for Larry Drew. The solace of knowing that the Hawks have all that flexibility come summertime, no matter what happens now, provides scant comfort for a coach in the last year of his contract whose team is no longer overachieving.

over at, Matt Moore has us down to #11. He definitely sees something in them that I am missing

You can have wholly different opinions about nearly everything about them depending on what night you show up.

Sam Amico at has us down at 10 and again commenting on the defense.

Athletic and enjoyable as ever offensively, but lapses on both ends keeping Hawks from great things. Could be one of more active teams at February trade deadline.

Well this is has really been painful to watch as a Hawks fan especially since I am now typing this as I'm watching the Bulls game. Also, there was a point in time when we were third in the eastern conference. Hopefully we pick it back up and get out of this funk, if not it will be very interesting what will happen these next couple of weeks regarding trades and what will happen come the off-season. Good news, Josh is killing any reason why he should get a max contract so there is a plus. Anyway what do you guys think, will we finally pick it up of continue to slump?