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2013 NBA Draft: Atlanta Hawks exploring several options's Chris Mannix reports that the Atlanta Hawks are exploring several options in advance of the 2013 NBA Draft.


The 2013 NBA Draft is one week away and according to's Chris Mannix, the Atlanta Hawks "are exploring several options" leading up to the draft. Among those options are selecting a player that they can stash overseas and the possibility of trading one or both of their back-to-back picks in the first round.

The Hawks are exploring several options, including trading one or both of their back-to-back picks and/or using a pick on a player they can stash overseas.

The possibility of taking a player like Giannis Antetokounmpo and stashing him overseas has been discussed but what might Atlanta's back-to-back picks garner in a trade? The Hawks have kept a tight lid for the most part on the players they have worked out but if they have locked in on a player that they fear may be gone by the time the No. 17 pick rolls around they could look to move up.

The problem is in this draft there isn't likely to be a lot of difference in the quality of player at No. 17 and those just outside the lottery so how far Atlanta could move up could be limited. However, swapping two picks for one would also save some salary cap room that could be used in free agency this summer.

Its really hard to predict what the Hawks might do next Thursday and it appears that a number of options could be in play.