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Hawks Again Rumored To Be In On Anthony Tolliver


Its officially the dog days of summer in the NBA when we here at Peachtree Hoops are bringing you our second Anthony Tolliver rumor update in a little over a week. However, that is what we are left with and once again the Hawks find themselves on a list of teams with reported interest in the free agent forward as reported by Chris Tomasson.

Sure the Hawks probably do have some level of interest but it probably starts at the training camp invite. Atlanta was reportedly Tolliver's choice but the club's current roster situation doesn't seem like a good fit. Personally this all sounds like an agents ploy into trying to convince Minnesota to throw some guaranteed money Tolliver's way. It just might work but I have a hard time believing that everyone reportedly in the mix is really that hot after Tolliver.

Today's Exit Question revisits Tolliver once again. Is he worth a look even if it costs guaranteed money? Or does he have to go the non-guaranteed route with a training camp invite?