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Know Thy Self - A Look at Anthony Morrow

Peachtree Hoops continues its in depth preview of the Hawks' 2012-13 roster by looking at sharpshooter Anthony Morrow.

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Continuing the Know Thy Self series, where we meet the roster of the 2012-2013 Atlanta Hawks, we take a look at Anthony Morrow. Some may feel like you know Anthony already since he played his college ball at Georgia Tech, but you can always learn something new.

Anthony Jarrad Morrow

Twitter: MrAnthonyMorrow

Nickname: A-Mo

Born: 9/27/1985 in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the center of the Nascar world, but once upon a time it was the center of gold mining in the US. In 1802 there was a gold rush in the Charlotte area that ultimately led to opening of the Charlotte Mint in 1837. North Carolina was the top gold producing state until the 1848 California Gold Rush. The mint was confiscated in the Civil War and never reopened. Modern Charlotte has a landmark of distinction in the Bank of America Corporate Center. It's the 25th tallest building in the US and the tallest building between Atlanta and Philadelphia. In terms of famous residents, uber-babe Brooklyn Decker comes from Charlotte as well as author/anthropologist and inspiration for the show Bones, Kathy Reichs. Musically, Charlotte was home to Wilbert Harrison who hit #1 in 1959 with the classic song Kansas City. Only slightly more current is the late 80s hair band, FireHouse, but they also hail from Charlotte.

College: Georgia Tech

Anthony Morrow started 70 games for Georgia Tech, but like many who played under Paul Hewitt he really broke out after leaving Tech for the pros. Since it's local to Atlanta it'll be hard to surprise anyone with Tech grads. The obvious one is President Jimmy Carter, but Redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy is another Yellowjacket. In terms of entertainment, Tech taught America how to ballroom dance in the form of Arthur Murray who opened dance studios across the country. Another entertainer actually born in Charlotte and schooled at Georgia Tech like Anthony Morrow was the legendary cowboy star Randolph Scott. For famous athletes, how can you outdo Bobby Jones, the golf legend who created the Masters tournament.

Personal Notes: Anthony Morrow was the 2004 North Carolina Mr. Basketball. In spite of a good senior season in which Anthony shot .448 from beyond the 3 point arc, he went undrafted. Anthony Morrow set a summer league record by scoring 47 points for Warriors in 2009. Anthony made an impression in his first NBA start with 37 points (a record for an undrafted rookie) and 11 rebounds. Earlier this year, Anthony showed he still can still fill it up by pouring in a career high 42 points. That is second highest among current Hawks behind Devin Harris (47 points).

ESPN Top 500 rank: 196 just behind Luke Ridnour (194) and Marreese Speights (195) but just ahead of Jerryd Bayless (197) and Matt Bonner (198).

Wingspan: 82.5" sponsorship price: $40 - think of this as a Q-rating for basketball. Better known players have hiring rates because in theory their stat page will get visited more often.

Horoscope: As a Libra I found this free sports horoscope for the year: You arrived here at the hour of the assessments, this year. You will be pleased to see materializing the fruits of their efforts passed in the form of a promotion, increase, change of status. Facilities are announced, and the recognition is really very close to you. Nevertheless, you will have to finish details to finally cross the course which you hope for, if such is your case. But in a general way, you will be more with the ease in all that touches with the technique.

Chinese Zodiac: Born in the year of the ox. People born in this year are probably honest, industrious, patient, and cautious, and do things steadily. They are talent leader with strong will and faith, strong devotion to work and staying power. They are obstinate and poor at communication. Leaders in their career may not discover their abilities.

Outlook for this year: Ox people have average luck in this dragon year. Do not be afraid of the blocks on the way to success. Whenever they encounter a strong competitor in career, they should know flexible ways to overcome the difficulty. Success is not only based on hard working.

Workplace Compatibility:
Work best with monkeys and horses (none on the roster) and other oxen (Josh Smith, Anthony Tolliver, Johan Petro).
Not so good with roosters (Kyle Korver and DeShawn Stevenson), snakes (James Anderson), and goats (John Jenkins).

Stats: This block is a combination of data from and to give an idea of the playing style and effectiveness of a player.

Anthony Morrow Per Game Per 36M rank/478
Minutes 26.4 FG% 0.413 293
Points 12 16.4 3P% 0.371 91
Rebounds 2.0 2.8 eFG% 0.494 178
Assists 1.0 1.3 FT% 0.933 13
Steals 0.7 1.0 PER 13.1 238
Blocks 0.1 0.2 Usage 21.6% 130
Offensive Rating 105 Reb% 4.5% 443
Defensive Rating 113 WS/48 Asst% 6.8% 322
Win Shares 1.7 .051 TOV% 9.0% 60
Jump Shots 95% 0.491 Draws Fouls 4.4%
Inside 5% 0.543 Hands Rtg 10

Quick Analysis: Anthony is a shooting specialist. Last year was actually a really down year and a bounce back could be expected. Where he really suffered was his efficiency numbers, dipping below 50% eFG% for the first time in his career. On the downside Anthony hasn't been much of a defender in the NBA and doesn't rebound his position that well. A reasonable expectation is for him to fill the Willie Green role off the bench, which is tougher than it sounds as Willie had a career year for the Hawks, but an average Anthony Morrow season would be close. The rankings are out of 478 players listed on for last season with no qualifying minimums to provide some context for the numbers.

Hopefully, you feel you know a little more about Anthony Morrow than before, but not too much. Let me know what you think in your comments. What about that ESPN ranking? What role do you think Anthony will have as a Hawk? Will coming back to his old stomping ground help or hurt his performance?