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Top 10 Ways NBA Referees are better than the NFL Replacement Referees

Peachtree Hoops remembers fondly about the good old days of when the NBA officials were the most reviled. PTH now counts the ways NBA refs are better than their NFL brethren.

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The premise is self-explanatory. Anyone who has watched the NBA, ever, and also any of this season's NFL games, including last night's debacle, will understand what we're talking about here.

Dibs on the phrase "I wish the NBA had replacement refs" once the season gets going -- until then, absence has made our heart grow fonder and we offer this Top 10 list as a love letter to the NBA officials.

The Top 10 Ways NBA Referees are better than the NFL Replacement Referees are:

10. Three refs for the NBA per game means we can get to know the refs....and call them out by name.

9. The only people who would be able to catch controversial touchdown passes in the NBA would be the superstars.

8. Full time refs mean full time fun!

7. NBA doesn't have ego-maniacal commissioner who would sell out his league and its integrity.

6. In the NBA, at least their refs cheated to make a buck gambling.

5. Violet Palmer.

4. NBA refs have the means to penalize belligerent coaches and players with technical fouls, which some players and coaches wear like badges of misplaced honor.

3. Blatant physicality and touching up and down the court is encouraged in the NBA --- and its referees.

2. NBA refs love the entertainment of the game so much they reward bogus flopping as actual flagrant fouls.

1. Alphabetically.

Exit Question: Any others I may have missed?