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Atlanta Hawks Get No Love On NBA Word Association Day


The SB Nation Basketball Summer Series continues with Word Association Day where we, along with all the other NBA Blogs in the network, chose a word to describe ours and every other team in the league.

What did others say about us and us about them? Brace yourselves and come on in to check it out.

To use a word to describe the Hawks in this exercise could have taken on current, historical or emotional context, as you will see in the answers below, both in teams talking about us and us about them.

First, here is the overwhelmingly singular discussion on the Hawks from the other blogs in the network,

sad Sad about what? Oh, wait.
Mediocrity Can't argue here. Stuck in the middle is no place to be.
Underachievers Should any Atlanta team have done better?
Stale Must have been in favor of this summer's moves then.
Drifting Ditto.
Unchanging Hmmmmm...
unimaginiative We would have also accepted "boring"
This team couldn't even comment. We'll file this under "if you don't have anything nice to say"
almost Certainly.
milquetoast "a weak, ineffectual or bland person, place or thing." Well then.
dysfunctional That I can't focus this comment on any one part of the organization probably validates this perception.
underrated Annually.
Windmills Who doesn't love Dominique reminders?
Who? Ouch.
Joe Was certainly the center of discussion since his acquisition in 2005.
Meh Obviously, the above-mentioned Joe Johnson era impacted this NBA watcher in a meaningful way.
Forever .500 Hawks last near .500 season was 1994-95 (42-40), one season in 17 were they even inside of 5 wins of .500, for better or worse. But I get the point, yawn-worthy and without any chance for a title. Accepted.
I like(d) Dwight! Hey, there's still a chance! (aw, dang)
confusing Not to the other 127 or so teams that responded -- seems pretty universal
Pedestrian It's like reading a Thesaurus for boring!.......
Attendance .....and who doesn't like boring?! I guess anyone who had to pay to watch.
Freedom The first post-Joe look at the franchise.
Barnstorming Over my head here. Help in the comments please. Educate a Gator, will you?
Mid-tier Yup.
Lethargic A team with Josh Smith, Jeff Teague and Al Horford is thought of this way -- ARE YOU LISTENING LARRY DREW? RUN! RUN, ATLANTA, RUN!
Mediocrity And thus ends the streak of not repeating the same type of association with "Not terrible, but not exceptional."
Nique Another reminder. I needed it at this point.
Hops But lethargic hops, right?

Whew. Heck of a list, eh? Need a shower?

Looking at this list could aid in any second thoughts Danny Ferry might have had in unloading Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams and going for something more exceptional.

The only words folks didn't use was boring, but you can tell the rest of the league certainly felt that way towards a team that made the playoffs the last five seasons.

Alright, so sound off on these in the comments, but in the meantime, let me show you what I commented on the rest of the league and you can also take time, if you choose, to build your own word association list.

Charlotte Bobcats Quagmire
Orlando Magic Rollercoaster
Miami Heat Store-Bought
Washington Wizards Bullets

Chicago Bulls Jordan
Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron
Detroit Pistons BadBoys
Indiana Pacers Solid
Milwaukee Bucks In-between
Boston Celtics Hated
Brooklyn Nets Hype
New York Knicks Marquee
Philadelphia 76ers Dr. J
Toronto Raptors Outsiders
Dallas Mavericks Aging
Houston Rockets Unlucky
Memphis Grizzlies BBQ
New Orleans Hornets Interesting
San Antonio Spurs Gold-Standard
Golden State Warriors Offense
Los Angeles Clippers Exciting
Los Angeles Lakers Tops
Phoenix Suns Healthy
Sacramento Kings Abused
Denver Nuggets Altitude
Oklahoma City Thunder The Way
Minnesota Timberwolves Love
Portland Trail Blazers Very Unlucky
Utah Jazz Stockton-to-Malone