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CBS Sports Atlanta Hawks Offseason Report


Matt Moore, on his Eye on Basketball post for CBS Sports, has done an offseason report on the Atlanta Hawks and finds himself looking forward to the transitional team that Hawks GM Danny Ferry has put together and tosses what folks have come to know as the Hallelujah Bouquet to the new look Hawks and their GM.

Also, Moore invited a certain Hawks blogger onto his podcast to share some thoughts on the team...let's see, who could that be?

Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Jason Walker of join Matt Moore to discuss the Hawks' trade of Joe Johson, the future of the franchise, and whether Jeff Teague is ready to make the leap.

The podcast was fun and I thank Matt for having me on and promoting the site -- Matt is a rare national voice who actually pays attention to the Hawks and offers more than just the punchlines and shallow commentary Hawks fans have had to endure for decades.

Let me know what you think about our views (and anything else -- I'm bracing myself) in the comments!

(KW - Update) Here is a link to the podcast