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NBA 3 on 3 Tournament: Atlanta Hawks Current Entry

<strong>Oh yeah.</strong>
Oh yeah.

SB Nation is profiling 3 on 3 teams as if every team would send one to a tournament. So we at PTH thought, who would be the entry if we entered an Atlanta Hawks team based on its current roster?

As we discussed in our historical entry (all rules are spelled out there as well), the team we need to field must have playmakers, shooters and finishers.

Here are the choices from the current roster:

1. Josh Smith

Tell me this kind of tourney isn't made for a baller like Smith? I know some folks are going to point out that Smith could be a liability in this format due to his affection for launching the long jumper. Ok, but I can reconcile that against being the best finisher on the team, his ridiculous help defense and own ability to faciliate.

2. John Jenkins

Quick release. Big range. Think about the ability to pump fake and create space, which would be essential for this contest. We needed to pick a shooter from the lot of Kyle Korver, Anthony Morrow and Jenkins and the rookie wins out. After all, he was selected as best shooter in the draft by a jury of his peers. High praise for a skill set sorely needed in this format.

3. Al Horford

Really feel the need to have a point guard here, but can't resist having a big who can defend both the perimeter and interior, can knock down any shot inside the arc and can screen, roll and pass as well as any big.

This team is short on quick guard play/ball handling and only Jenkins provides the ability to hit the three, but it's big on defending the basket and passing. Besides, how can we have a Hawks entry and not have the two mainstays on the roster in Smith and Horford. They may go out in the first round, but they go out our way. Our way man!

Exit Question: Who would be your picks for the 3 on 3 with the current roster and why?