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John Jenkins Voted Best New Shooter

<strong>Feeling the love.</strong>
Feeling the love.

What if everything you ever wanted came true? Ok, well, what if everything you wanted involved a group of fellow rookies voting you as the best shooter in the bunch? Because that just happened to John Jenkins.

John Jenkins was voted best shooter by a jury of his peers in the recent poll of said rookies. The question that was put before the panel was "Who is the best shooter" -- and here now the results:

1. John Jenkins, Atlanta -- 48.6 percent

2. Bradley Beal, Washington -- 16.2 percent

3. Jeremy Lamb, Houston -- 10.8 percent

4. Kim English, Detroit -- 8.1 percent

T-5. Damian Lillard, Portland & Terrence Ross, Toronto -- 5.4 percent

Others receiving votes: Evan Fournier, Denver; Kyle Singler, Detroit

Worth noting: Jenkins' 48.6 percent here was the highest mark for any player on any question. He shot 44 percent from 3-point range over three years at Vanderbilt.

Remember that Brad Beal was being compared to Ray Allen, only arguably the best shooter the NBA has ever seen, so to come in way ahead of the former Gator guard speaks to how lethal Jenkins was.

Kentucky guys weren't allowed to vote for their guy (neither were the other Vandy guys), so Doron Lamb didn't even make the list though he is a lights-out shooter that I wouldn't have minded Atlanta getting in the second round had they not selected Jenkins in the first.

Still, such respect and Jenkins' impressive performance in Vegas builds more momentum heading into his rookie season in Atlanta and raises his profile and credibility further with Hawks fans beyond the dull feeling many had when the Hawks called his name on draft night.

UPDATE: Had intended to mention that a large H/T was in order to Soaring Down South, who published their take on it much more timely than ours -- you can check their take out here.