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Is James Anderson the Newest Atlanta Hawk?

<strong>ATL bound?</strong>
ATL bound?
Danny Green busted this tweet late Friday and was subsequently re-tweeted by the subject of the tweet, former Spurs young wingman, James Anderson

We're trying to get confirmation from the Hawks if this is indeed the case and if we'll get some sort of announcement from the team, but if this is really happening, then it may give the Hawks the missing small forward piece that we knew the team would have to fill.

More analysis coming regarding Anderson if we get confirmation, but the short of it is that Anderson, the 20th pick of the 2010 draft, never could make it happen for the Spurs and subsequently saw only 11 minutes per game each of his two seasons in San Antonio.

Therefore, his stat sample is weak and the stats he did put up aren't pretty. From the looks of it, he couldn't make a shot consistently and followed that up by having poor defensive efficiency when he was on the floor.

If he is indeed heading to Atlanta, we'll ask our friends at Pounding the Rock for their assessment, but even with the gloomy picture his current record provides, it's a weak sample, he's entering his Age 23 season and is likely a cheap gamble (i.e. non-guaranteed contract).