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Hawks Offseason 2012: Lou Williams Gives Atlanta A Number Of Options


Once NBA training camp opens one of the biggest questions will be where exactly does Lou Williams fit with the new look Hawks. There is no doubt that he fits somewhere given that the Hawks signed him to five-year, $15.6 million dollar deal. Is he a starter? A bench player? A shooting guard or a point guard or maybe all of the above.

MC discusses the Hawks' options for Williams in the AJC and with both Jeff Teague and Devin Harris onboard there is a good chance that Lou comes off the bench to fill a need. The Hawks could certainly use his scoring punch off the bench.

The Hawks figure to look very different in their style of play this season now that Joe Johnson is gone. Jeff Teague is expected to have the ball in his hands a lot more this season and will have much more responsibility in decision making and creating for others. It appears that won't be a problem for Lou Williams who is equally comfortable playing off the ball or having it in his hands.

"I was off the ball [in Philadelphia], I would prefer to be off the ball, and I think both of those guys [Teague and Harris] are on the ball," Williams said. "So I don't think it will be an issue as much as people think it is. Once we open up camp I'm sure Coach [Larry] Drew will do a good job in figuring out where everyone is going to go."

Williams, Harris and Teague are all expected to play big roles but figuring out where guys like Anthony Morrow and rookie John Jenkins fit into the picture is another question. Right now Atlanta's options at small forward are limited to Josh Smith, going with a three-guard attack or with someone like DeShawn Stephenson. There is also a good chance that Danny Ferry could swing another deal for a wing which depending on who is involved could clear up the picture significantly.

Exit Question: What is your preferred role for Lou Williams?