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Joe Johnson (Former) House Party!

<strong>The Perfect Waves.</strong>
The Perfect Waves.

Old, moldy, news, but have been away and wanted to comment on the news from the AJC last week, via, that Joe's move to Brooklyn also means he's selling his in-season house in Atlanta.

While we believe the infamous shoe closet is in his Arkansas home, this mere 4.7M home has plenty to offer, as the pictures that accompany the listing shows.

Seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms -- essential for every single male. Three TV screens in the master bedroom, along with a pretty cool seating arrangement in the sun-room type area there. Not sure about the art above the fireplace -- looks something like the founding fathers -- not exactly a mood setter, if you know what I mean. Unless, of course, you are with a Supreme Court justice.

We see how Joe was able to maintain his 100% pure, perfect waves in his hair -- a barbershop in the house. Well played, #2.

The in-house recording studio and white baby grand piano elicits the perfect "Party All The Time" music video scenario. Why didn't this happen?!!! Another disappointment of the Joe Johnson era in Atlanta.

I like, but don't love the home theater, though the thought of Joe sitting in the front row and Josh Smith annoying him by tossing pretzels from the back row during the feature makes me happy.

Also, considering the cost, I would think that you would get a little bit more privacy than is afforded here. The tiny gate "guarding" the homes in this cul de sac is quaint, but I would picture something more like C. Montgomery Burns has -- with more hounds. Check out this pic from Google Maps:

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Even with my own preferences for a nearly five million dollar home aside, let's get down to the bottom line -- who wants to go in on this house with me? I figure 50 or so folks could be comfortable here and with that many people the cost per person would only be.....about 100 grand each.

Exit Question: Surely I didn't pick all the low hanging fruit from those listing pictures -- take your best shot in the Comments.