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Atlanta Hawks Cult Classic: Spud Webb

<strong>Awesomely Spudly.</strong>
Awesomely Spudly.

To choose a cult classic for the Atlanta Hawks isn't easy. After all, there have been so many, ummm, interesting characters to grace the Omni, Georgia Dome, GA Tech and Philips Arena floor, it's hard to choose.

You could make the argument that we could have gone with an anti-hero, a cult classic that didn't illicit cheers but, rather, jeers and derision as the Cult Classic.

An obvious selection there would be Jon Koncak, the original Atlanta Hawks known best for his contract before Joe Johnson got the max (again) from Atlanta. Heck, 'Cak drew national derision, having his last name unceremoniously changed to Contract as a result of his restricted free agency offer sheet from the Pistons and matched by the Hawks.

Another sort-of anti-hero could have been Mario West, the uber-energetic and very inefficient guard-forward who famously made the most .01 appearances in games during his tenure in Atlanta. Mario was athleticism unbounded, which is why I came to label him "Flubber", a similarly unbridled and destructive chemical compound.

But, really, when it comes to somewhat novelty, somewhat effective and always popular Atlanta Hawks, who didn't enjoy the Spud Webb era in Atlanta?

We can start with the dunk contest win, which was iconic and then move to the fact that Webb was put into the game by Mike Fratello to do three things: Run, run and run. With Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Willis and crew running with him, it was a good time to see Hawks game in the Omni.

So give it up for the guy Steve Holman always called Spudly and tell us your memories of Spud Webb and answer our Exit Question: Who is your Hawks cult classic favorite?

While you are thinking about that, who's up for a Spud Webb highlight mix?