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Lou Williams Says Hawks Will "Win Some Games"

<strong>But how many, Lou, how many?</strong>
But how many, Lou, how many?

Hey, it's officially the slow time of the offseason! How's it treating you?

Over at Hoopsworld, Joel Brigham caught up with new Hawks shooting guard, Louis Williams, and asked about his free agency courtship, Danny Ferry's hot terminology and how the Hawks look for next season.

From the headline:

"We have two extremely athletic bigs-an All-Star in Al Horford, and a guy who I think should've been an All-Star in Josh Smith. Jeff Teague is starting to come into his own as a young point guard, and if you throw me in that I feel like we've got the opportunity to win some games."

Doesn't sound all that "we're going to shock the world" ish, but I concur and believe the Hawks will again get overlooked going into next season will win more games than they are "supposed" to according to sabermetrics. They'll be in the playoffs and seeded higher than a lot of other teams getting the love this offseason.

Sounds like every year you say? Absolutely.