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Dwight Howard Rumors: Where Things Are Right Now

<strong>Dwight is as unsure about his next destination as he is on whether he should clap here.</strong>
Dwight is as unsure about his next destination as he is on whether he should clap here.

Inspired from a Twitter conversation yesterday, here now how I understand the Dwight Howard situation to be and the Hawks place in that conversation.

First of all, though we discussed this last season, it's a fine place the Hawks are in that they have the financial flexibility to make this happen either through trade this year or free agency the next. Bravo.

Now, as I understand it through the many, many outlets like Orlando Pinstriped Post that are covering the Howard situation, this is what we "know" right now about Dwight Howard and the Magic:

  • Dwight Howard wants to be a Brooklyn Net.
  • Dwight Howard does not want to sign a long-term contract with Orlando.
  • Orlando is not pleased with the reported Nets offer of Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, Brook Lopez and three future first round picks.
  • Orlando is in no hurry to deal, but they also can't see starting next season without this being resolved.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers are willing to trade Andrew Bynum in a deal for Howard, but want Howard to sign an extension if they do so.
  • Howard has not been willing to sign an extension with the Lakers.
  • The Houston Rockets are willing to take their chances, acquire Howard's Bird rights and deal all their draft picks from this year's draft in a package for Howard, with no guarantee of a long term contract from Howard.
  • Orlando has not been interested, yet, in the Rockets offer.
  • Dallas and Atlanta have been the most aggressive in trying to deal for Howard as of yesterday, but want the same guarantees as the Lakers in terms of a long term commitment from Howard, which he hasn't said he will do.
  • If the Hawks have to make a trade for Howard, versus waiting until next offseason to go after him, they would have to include Al Horford in any deal and Orlando is interested in multiple future draft picks included in any deal for Howard.
So, based on "knowing" these things and where they are today, this is what has to happen to gain an outcome before the season starts.

  • Dwight either has to give up the dream of going to the Nets and sign with Los Angeles, Dallas or Atlanta.
  • Orlando resigns itself to trade with Houston since Dwight is determined not to sign any extension with anybody.
  • Orlando resigns itself to a deal with the Nets.

The 'do-nothing' approach has been discussed about the Magic, but just letting Dwight walk means turning away from draft picks, young players or both -- items you have to think Orlando would have to be interested in as they regroup for life after Howard.

Exit Question: Where do you put the chances, percentage wise, Atlanta has in getting Howard?