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Atlanta Hawks Lineup -- How Does It Look After Trades (for now)


As my Twitter buddy, Eno Sarris -- he of outstanding analytic writings at FanGraphs and Rotoworld -- asked me after the deals yesterday, say, what does the Hawks lineup look like now?

Well, considering we use ghost players where there is no coverage on the roster today and just what is slated to come over in the deals (minus Jordan Farmar, who is expected to get bought out), let's lay out the roster:

G - Jeff Teague

G- Devin Harris

G - John Jenkins

G - Anthony Morrow

G - DeShawn Stevenson

F - Josh Smith

F - Jordan Williams

F - Johan Petro

F - Ivan Johnson (RFA)

F - Mike Scott

C - Al Horford

C - Zaza Pachulia

I could definitely envision a Devin Harris/Jeff Teague backcourt, but what would happen in the frontcourt?

If they play Anthony Morrow as the small forward, then the defensive assignments of Josh Smith and Al Horford just got much harder.

If they played Josh Smith as the small forward with Horford and Zaza upfront, then you move Josh further away from the help defense around the hoop.

All together, a starting lineup of:






with Morrow, Jenkins, Ivan Johnson and others off the bench doesn't look too bad - not for an organization that will be with only Horford and Jenkins under contract after this season is up.

Exit Question: What say you -- what should the Hawks lineup look like if nothing else happens this off-season (even if unlikely) ?