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Bill Simmons Nods To Danny Ferry In Offseason Epic

<strong>Belichickian Success?</strong>
Belichickian Success?
A little dated (came out last Friday), but in his NBA offseason recap two-parter, sung to the tune of Game of Thrones, Grantland's Bill Simmons spits an ode to new Hawks GM Danny Ferry for his Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams deals and declares the Hawks "don't have quite enough" for a Dwight Howard run before making a parallel to Bill Belichick in regards to Danny Ferry.

The whole two-part effort is typical Bill Simmons, which I like, so you know, castigate me if you choose to. Regarding the NBA, he writes what I want to read about - and a lot of it, so I enjoy the conversation. I recommend it if you didn't already check it out last week.

Anyway, Hawks content therein:

To Danny Ferry, who became an immediate cult hero for dumping Marvin Williams (and his relatively offensive contract) and Joe Johnson (and his undeniably offensive contract) for expiring deals in a much-needed change of direction for Atlanta fans, who had felt nothing other than "lukewarm" about their Hawks for five solid years. Sadly, they don't have quite enough left for a legitimate Dwight Howard run - it's too bad Al Horford isn't 22 percent better at basketball or they'd be right there. But if any team needed to be thrown in the washing machine for a few minutes, it was the Atlanta Hawks.

The best thing going in Atlanta's favor: There's a historical precedent for a much-ballyhooed hire eventually bombing in Cleveland, then making the most of his second chance and winning titles. (See: Belichick, Bill.) The second-best thing going in Atlanta's favor: God hates Cleveland.

Agree about the trades, can't argue about the Horford comment, and keep in mind, Al Horford is one of Simmons' most positively commented on players, and hopeful that Ferry's run in Atlanta is even slightly close to Belichick's run in New England.

Very hopeful.