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Jeff Teague Owns This Team More Than Ever Says....Danny Ferry


From Hoopsworld's Lang Greene comes his Las Vegas interview with Danny Ferry, in which Ferry talks about the changes that needed to be made, all the new shooters on the floor in the ATL and who is left over from the trading binge.

Among those is point guard Jeff Teague, who's role on the roster and the future was immediately thrown into question, especially when the Hawks dealt Marvin Williams to Utah for known commodity Devin Harris. But Ferry comments to Lang seem to indicate that Jeff Teague has more ownership of this group than initially thought.

From Greene:

"He's still a young player," Ferry said of Teague. "Last year was the first time where he just played. He got to play, totally green lighted. It will be interesting to see how he matures this year and continues to develop with things. It will be more his team. We don't have Joe. We don't have Marvin. It will be more of Jeff's team than it has ever been. I think he's capable of stepping in and doing a good job with that."

Obviously, we'll see how much Larry Drew believes in Teague come training camp and come the first time Teague makes an error on the court, something that has inspired a quick hook even in last season, but the comments from Ferry at least underline that the team doesn't take the approach that Teague is somehow now superfluous with the arrival of all the newcomers to the team, but rather something of a leader.

Now it's up to Teague to fill into those words of his GM.