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NBA Summer League Rankings: All 52 Drafted Players Ranked

<strong>Feelin' the love. Finally.</strong>
Feelin' the love. Finally.

SB Nation's own Mike Prada does a tremendous job ranking every drafted player from this year's draft based on their performance throughout the recently completed summer league games.

I say that Mike did a tremendous job because he, unlike many folks who have been breathlessly recapping the SL, actually remembered the work that Hawks rookie John Jenkins did throughout the games in Vegas.

12. John Jenkins, Hawks

He's one-dimensional, but boy is he proficient at that one dimension. He spent most of the week curling off screens and taking long jumpers, but he still managed to shoot over 50 percent from the field. He was especially impressive going against aggressive defenders like Washington's Bradley Beal and Dallas' Dominique Jones. Despite being undersized, he has a hyper-quick release, much like former Hornets star Dell Curry. I look forward to tracking his development, especially with Kyle Korver as a mentor.

Woooo...buddy -- I would love to think the Hawks snagged the next Dell Curry with the 23rd pick, tossing a pie in the face of those who believe steadfastly that the end of the first round picks are typically worth less than a single breath of air. Totally on board with classifying him as a "late round steal" as Mike does here.

Prada is right on -- Jenkins did show his tremendous release which not only served him well in getting his shot off coming off screens, but also with the pump-fake where he was able to create an even more open shot for himself. Jenkins likely would have scored more points and more more of these All-SL teams if the Hawks had someone like Scott Machado or an NBA-level point guard running things on a team with him. When Pape Sy looked like he was the most motivated to get Jenkins the basketball from the point, you begin to understand why he would go through extended stretches of possessions where he wouldn't even touch the ball.

Also, Prada peeps Mike Scott in the "everyone else" category, projecting him as a useful pick and pop forward, which looks like it is in Scott comfort zone based on the first look at him in these games.

Hit the link and check out why Jenkins looks even better when you consider how a few of the lottery picks ended up showing in Las Vegas -- good fun!