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Atlanta Hawks Weekend Recap: Big Weekend For Former Atlanta Hawks

<strong>Buddies. Pals.</strong>
Buddies. Pals.

Slow weekend for the good guys as the NBA Summer League wound down without them, since they played their last game on Thursday.

John Jenkins continued his stealth attack on the NBA by not being recognized for his outstanding shooting for the Hawks SL team by being left off all the official and blog related Summer League wrap-up montages and awards. He was hamstrung by not having the ball in his hands and having no NBA level PG help in Las Vegas while players like Josh Selby got to soak up as many possessions as they could handle on their teams.

Case in point was the final game on Thursday: Jenkins played his normal rotations, shot over 50 percent from the outside, yet only got to attempt three shots in the second half as the Hawks got thumped. I am sure Jenkins is looking forward to getting to veterans camp, where Jeff Teague and Devin Harris will look like John Stockton by comparison.

Meanwhile, for former Atlanta Hawks, it was a good weekend, starting in Boston where you can stop holding your breath and untie yourself from that tree because Jason Collins has finally signed, with the Celtics. And while Hawks fans may let out a bit of sigh of relief after watching Larry Drew stretch Collins beyond his level of effectiveness at times in Atlanta, Boston sees more from Collins.

If they think he can effectively replace Greg Steimsma's minutes I'd have to say I watched both play last year and know which one I'd want as a Hawk, and it wasn't the nice gentleman who wore #34 in Red and Blue. Just saying.


Meanwhile, former Hawks coach Terry Stotts is making yet another run at a head coaching gig, this time in Portland, where all the seasoned guys have told Neil Olshey no thank you to his open coaching position. Stotts is a terrific guy who was very open with me despite having to listen to me holler at him from behind the Hawks bench during his run in Atlanta.

Stotts' offensive philosophy was/is to let the outside game open up the inside and there were times when the Hawks would launch 12, 13, 20 jump shots in a row before even thinking about penetrating or posting inside to create defensive rotation that might get one of those shooters a better look.

I am oversimplifying things I am sure, but that was the gist of an interview I did with him almost 10 years ago. But hey, he's had another head coaching gig since then and has been Rick Carlisle's offensive coordinator in Dallas, so Terry must be doing something extremely right and good luck to him in getting the Blazers job.