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Jeremy Lin To Houston: What Will Be NBA's Most Awkward Reunion

<strong>Nobody's Home.</strong>
Nobody's Home.

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Jeremy Lin is headed to Houston and the thought occurred that it is going to be very uncomfortable upon his return to Madison Square Garden. Not for him, no, no -- he's popular. No, who's going to feel awkward is Mike Woodson and the rest of the Knicks when he's greeted with a thunderous ovation for Linsanity last season when all hope was lost.

The situation is different that of Joe Johnson coming back to Atlanta. Joe was aloof, distant and disconnected with Hawks fans and made like worse for himself with some poorly timed comments when he did speak up. Joe will come back to Atlanta as one of the most productive players ever to play for Atlanta, yet his reception could be extremely chilly.

In Boston, Ray Allen was supposed to come back to the Celtics, along with Kevin Garnett, and make one more run at a title with Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and the gang. But that all went sideways when Allen chose to sign a 3-year deal with the current champs, Miami -- otherwise known as the team that knocked the Celtics out of the playoffs.

The situations got us to thinking -- which one of these will be the most uncomfortable and awkward when they go back to their old home court: Lin to New York, Joe Johnson to Atlanta or Ray Allen to BOS.

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