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John Jenkins Making His Mark During Vegas Summer League


John Jenkins is turning more heads than just those at Peachtree Hoops with his performance at the 2012 Vegas Summer League. Jenkins has landed on A.J. Mitnick's list of top 10 breakout candidates that are playing in the summer league.

4. John Jenkins, G, Atlanta: The Hawks plan on replacing one JJ for another at under 10 percent of the cost. Jenkins may not be able to fill Joe Johnson's shoes as a leader or all-around player, but he is a better and more consistent shooter. This rookie has a knack not only for making crunch time 3-pointers, but also always seems to make shots at key momentum points. Whenever teams go on runs against the Hawks, Jenkins will knock down a bucket to keep Atlanta in the game. He can't carry an offense like Johnson, but he is an outstanding weapon to have in your arsenal.

Interesting that the three guys in front of him Klay Thompson, Derrick Williams and Eric Bledsoe are all 2011 draft picks. Jenkins is the highest ranked player from the 2012 draft on Mitnick's list.

Part of the reason for that is that many people didn't expect much from Jenkins. He was projected as a late first-rounder to early second round prospect prior to the draft. The Hawks drew the predictable jeers when they selected him with the 23rd pick. What they have gotten though is a hard working player that is under control and has a knack for making the clutch shot all the while being on a rookie salary.

With all of the love that we have been passing Jenkins way the last few days I felt that it was important to point out that other people are noticing as well.

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