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Can you be mad at Joe Johnson? A helpful guide.

Shockingly and worth noting, KG does not look mad here.
Shockingly and worth noting, KG does not look mad here.

There has been a lot of talk about how we should feel about Joe Johnson. I hope this helps.

You cannot be mad if...

You were at this game.

Or this one.

You are not from Atlanta.

You like congress.

You have ever enjoyed Nique's fondness for pointing out "tough shots" or "heat checks."

You have ever shaved your eyebrows.

You think coaching matters in the NBA.

You have fond memories of anything the Hawks did from 1994 to 2005 outside of Lenny Wilkins breaking the wins record.

You hate how much players whine about foul calls.

You cannot name exactly who Joe Johnson was traded for (both from Phoenix and to the Nets).

You own a Joe Johnson jersey.

You sold Joe Johnson this truck.



You ever complained about the Atlanta Spirit not spending enough money.

You do not know who Chris Crawford is.

You were ever excited about Shelden Williams.

You can be mad if...

You would turn down more money at your job.

You watched Joe's very brief you-stream moment.

You have never said something disparaging about the Phillips Arena crowd.

You are pro dunking on breakaways.

You were the 14th or 15 man who never made the Hawks because they could not afford to keep a full team.

You have ever broken your face on the basketball court and don't think it is a big deal.