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John Jenkins Shoots As Advertised In 102-82 Summer League Win


Quick Thought: John Jenkins is a shooting fool - and did some other things nice, too.


I love summer league basketball. I love it even more when the Hawks have young players in the game and they are the better players on the floor.

When the Hawks drafted John Jenkins, they picked the player who was labeled the best shooter in the draft. As he debuted Friday afternoon against the Wizards, Jenkins wasted no time showing off a lighting fast release, barely beating the shot clock buzzer with a long, perfect three.

Jenkins did it again when the ball swung around to him just before the clock struck zero and once again he bailed the Hawks out with a swishing bomb.

His next three was easier, a spot up job derived from lane penetration by the point guard. In all, Jenkins was 4-5 from long range, 7-13 overall, added three rebounds and four assists and finished with 19 points to lead the Hawks to victory.


Keith Benson looked good in his second pre-season with the Hawks, shooting 9-12 with six rebounds as he tied Jenkins for a team high 19 points.

Second rounder Mike Scott struggled somewhat, shooting 3-8 with six rebounds and five turnovers. Often, though, he appeared to be playing the three which would be a little too far out for him, it looks like offensively.

Final Thought:

John Jenkins, along with Washington's Bradley Beal, the third pick in the draft, looked like the best players on the court, sweet validation of a pick that late in the first round.

Jenkins was even the recipient of a sweet inbounds play where the ball was lobbed into Jenkins at the rim. As the defender was wary of Jenkins flashing to the outside on the inbounds pass, John sealed off with his left arm, leaving the defender powerless to stop the nice one-handed catch and lay-up in a single motion from Jenkins.

Couldn't be a much better start for Danny Ferry's Hawks.