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NBA Trade Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Interested In Kyle Korver


Via the hooked up and linked in Hoopsworld superscribe, Lang Greene, comes a morning roundup of NBA Trade Rumors, of which today include a morsel of news regarding the Atlanta Hawks.

Seems as if drafting the best shooter in the draft, John Jenkins and acquiring sniper Anthony Morrow doesn't satisfy Danny Ferry's itch for shooters. Now, as the Chicago Bulls are going through some roster introspection, comes news that the Hawks are interested in dealing for Kyle Korver.

Says Greene:

Korver has a $5 million option for next season which isn't fully guaranteed. The team has until Sunday to make a decision and hasn't ruled out a return. But according to the Chicago Sun Times, league sources say all signs point toward the Bulls pursuing trade opportunities for Korver. One team who reportedly has interest is the Atlanta Hawks.

Hard to believe it's already been two seasons since Chicago signed Korver to the 3 year, 15 million dollar deal he's currently under. According to Storytellers Contracts, the actual dollars guaranteed for this season is only 500K.

According to, Korver is still very lethal in the very skill he is most known for, spot up shooting. Korver ranked 7th among all players in plays classified as "Spot Up", scoring 1.34 points per possession on those shots and representing almost half the three point shots he attempted on the season.

Korver would fill that shooter's role at a position of weakness for the Hawks, small forward, but one can't see Korver starting there given his struggles defensively. has Korver at 102nd and 106th respectively at defending in isolation and when defending the ball handler on the pick and roll.

This, combined with the defensive struggles in the pick and roll from new Hawk Lou Williams (also 106th) , would make it hard for Al Horford and Josh Smith to stay on the defensive glass if being forced to help considerably and thus lower the Hawks defensive efficiency.

What the Hawks would have to give up is unknown and likely to have to wait until all the previous deals are cleaned up, such as Joe Johnson's departure to Brooklyn and Kirk Hinrich (whom the Hawks have a 12M hold on their roster for now unless renounced) signs, as expected with Korver's Bulls.

UPDATE: In terms of who the Hawks would have to give up to get Korver, John Hollinger tweeted the party that would be heading to Chicago: