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2012 Atlanta Hawks Player Review: Tracy McGrady

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Season Summary:

Prior to the start of the season, fans expected McGrady to battle for the starting small forward position with Marvin Williams while McGrady expected to finally get out of the first round for the first time in his NBA career. Unfortunately, both parties ended up disappointed as McGrady had a subpar season and the Hawks couldn't advance to the second round.

Despite his age and ailments on his body, T-Mac is still a player that has a lot to offer. He's not the T-Mac of old, but he still has a lot of good skill sets. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to show it much as his minutes were inconsistent.

Many have debated whether that's McGrady's fault or Larry Drew's fault. One can argue that McGrady didn't get the minutes because he didn't show much passion, while the other can argue that McGrady didn't show much passion because his minutes were inconsistent. It's the "chicken or the egg" argument. Which came first?

Positives: Had a great feel for the game. Great basketball IQ. Showed that he can still create shots for others. Had some "flashback" moments. Played good defense when motivated. Showed that he can still put the ball in the basket. Can spot up and shoot and put the ball down on the floor and create for himself or others. Didn't shoot the "3 ball" too much, but shot a high percentage (46%) in the (33) three point shots he attempted.

Negatives: Sometimes forgot that he now can't do things that he was able to do in his prime. At times, it showed that his age and long travel on his body has caught up to him. Didn't play with much passion or motivation when minutes were sporadic. Caused quite a stir when he publicly complained about the amount of minutes Larry Drew has given him. Didn't show his full potential and what he can still do at his age.

Best Moment/Game: McGrady's most memorable game came early in the season against the Miami Heat. That was the game when Joe Johnson cleverly came up with the "Return of the Mac" quote. McGrady helped the Hawks beat the Heat in Miami as he scored 13 of his 16 points in the 4th quarter. McGrady finished the game with 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists in 25 minutes. Full T-Mac higlights of that game can be found here.

Another "best game" candidate was the late regular season game against the Detroit Pistons when he scored a season high 17 points in only 17 minutes of playing time. Full T-Mac highlights of that game can be found here.

Final Grade: C

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Exit Question: Does McGrady have a future here in Atlanta or will he just be another one season rental?

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