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NBA Draft 2012: Atlanta Hawks Pick John Jenkins




*Deadly jump shooter
*Quick release
*Crafty scorer around the rim
*Very good free-throw shooter

*Needs to improve ball handling
*Could become a better passer
*Not an overwhelming athlete
*Doesn't have prototypical NBA shooting guard size

NBA projection:
Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings solicited feedback from the NBA, and opinions were mixed about whether Jenkins would be a late first-round or early second-round pick. So in some ways, Jenkins gambled by coming out of school after his junior season. But he's a big-time, game-breaking shooter, and the NBA needs shooters. The question will be whether he can get find his own shot.

Quick Thought:

Hawks didn't go with size, they went with a shooter to spread the floor. With Doron Lamb, the best shooters in this draft.

Experts say:


Despite being a below average athlete and slightly undersized for the two-guard spot, there isn't much reason to believe Jenkins will have trouble getting his perimeter shot off against bigger, more athletic opponents in the NBA, as he's also unlikely to see the frequent double teams and traps he currently does as Vanderbilt's #1 option. He would probably excel most in a ball movement-heavy, up tempo offense that can get him the ball in space and on the move, where he possesses great mechanics and decision-making skills to get off high efficiency shots with ease.

ESPN's Chad Ford:

Jenkins may be the best shooter in the draft. He's undersized and one-dimensional, but he has a super quick release and deep range. The Hawks needed shooters in their backcourt. -- Chad Ford

More to come...