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NBA Mock Draft Rumors Open Thread


Draft Day! Christmas (or any other gift giving holiday of your choice, Earth!) time for NBA fans.

Love, love, love that the Hawks have their pick this year and (gasp!) they appear to be interested in using it to acquire low dollar, high potential talent. Who knew?!

Like him, love him, revile him, block him -- but Chad Ford does the NBA Draft right. Mountains of interviews, mock drafts, information, mis-information -- dude puts it out there for consumption and a lot of us gobble it up.

On Draft Day, Chad usually pops three or four mock draft updates out there as teams begin to settle in, the smoke starts to clear and things begin to happen.

So we're going to keep an open thread for activity, discussion and reaction on the mock draft front until we open our Draft Night Open Thread later in the day.

So, Chad came out with Mock Draft, Version 10.0 earlier today and it featured a sea change in approach from Chad's POV. For quite a few versions of the draft, Chad had the Hawks selecting Tony Wroten, as we ourselves did in the SB Nation Mock Draft.

But, since the Hawks have stepped up (allegedly) in trying to deal Josh Smith, Chad has now tacked that the Hawks will look to replace Smith in the frontcourt through the #23 pick and as such has listed Royce White, Jared Sullinger and Andrew Nicholson ahead of Evan Fornier and Wroten on Hawks Big Board.

Also, SB Nation has their updated (and free) Rumor Stream going that you must check in on and comment here.

SB Nation also has a Draft Results story stream that can be followed throughout the draft if you are unable to watch. We'll have that linked in our Draft Night Thread, too.

UPDATE: Tom Ziller has completed his final mock draft -- check out who he has the Hawks taking.

Exit Question: What say you? Who is your five man Big Board for the Hawks?

Check back for more updates throughout the day on all draft information regarding the Hawks.