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NBA Offseason 2012: Five Questions About Hawks Future With....Jason Walker?

<strong>The People's Choice?</strong>
The People's Choice?

If you haven't heard enough from me already on the radio or in these spaces, good news! Favachio Sports reached out and asked the pertinent questions about the immediate Hawks future which includes:

  • NBA Draft 2012 and what the Atlanta Hawks will do with the first and second round picks.
  • The Josh Smith Situation
  • What the Hawks absolutely have to address during the offseason.

Thanks to Bret Favachio for reaching out to Peachtree Hoops to get the scoop on the Hawks -- Enjoy the article -- Read the except, then go read the whole thing!

5) In your opinion, Which prospect does the majority of Hawk fans want at 23?

I believe most people want a center, and are hoping that Syracuse's Fab Melo will be there when the Hawks pick, but like most true seven footers do, Melo seems to be rising up the draft board. After that, fans are split pretty evenly into the four camps described above. The thing I think most Hawks fans are hoping for is that the team doesn't punt out of this draft or blow it in some way like selling the pick. Disaster.