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NBA GM Ratings: Using the Goodman Scale To Review -- Rick Sund

<strong>The One.  ----  No, literally the one.</strong>
The One. ---- No, literally the one.

Previously on "Scaaarry Stories of Past Hawks Draft Nights":

We looked on in horror at the Billy Knight Era, which scored a terrible 0.75 on Jeff Goodman's GM Scale for drafting.

Then, we lost consciousness and dove into the negative numbers (-.426) to numerate Pete Babcock's wacky take on the draft.

Finally, this being our last installment in the series, we get out of the weeds, right? We take on the recently departed (from the Hawks, not Earth) Rick Sund, who our previous eyeball score gave his drafts an "Incomplete, but probably stinky".

Let's take a look:

Rick Sund's NBA Draft Record
Year Player Pick No. Goodman Designation Value
2009 Jeff Teague 19 Solid Starter 5.5
Sergiy Gladyr 49 Overseas 0
2010 Jordan Crawford 27 Rotation Player 2.5
Pape Sy 53 Overseas 0
2011 Keith Benson 48 Overseas 0
Total 8

Hey! No negative output! Whooohoo! Block off Peachtree, we're having a parade.

Sund's score of 1.6 would put him right in the middle of the pack in today's GMs and a 6-10 spots lower than current GM and Sund replacement, Danny Ferry.

But our previous notion of Sund's grade being incomplete holds water. Sund was pickless in 2008 as the Hawks finally paid off their Joe Johnson debt, lovingly avoided when the Hawks landed in the Top 3 in 2007 and got Horford.

Then Sund picked Teague in 2009, which was position intentionally as a group pick, with Woody involved. Then predictably, as might've happened in 2005, Teague barely got a chance to play since, you know, Woody hated playing young point guards.

Sund then traded his 2010 first rounder (Jordan Crawford) and his 2011 first round pick to get Kirk Hinrich into Atlanta and Mike Bibby out.

Mix in the usual selling off of second round picks, including the 2010 31st pick overall and even with a good score, we can't sign off on a single good pick in four years.

But, hey, at least there was one good one in there and the opportunity cost of Sund's passing was a lot easier to take than his predecessors.

So let's recap and compare the scores derived to the our previous perceptions of the draft eras.

  • 1990-2002: Pete Babcock -0.426 (The Gold Standard of Stinky)
  • 2003-2007: Billy Knight 0.750 (Stinky, with painful, long-lasting ramifications)
  • 2008-2011: Rick Sund 1.60 (Incomplete -- but at least not Stinky)
  • Current GM Danny Ferry's tenure in CLE (2005-2010): 2.38

I think you see the trend I am seeing, don't you Atlanta? Second look at: Draft Optimism?

Exit Question: Are you feeling a change for this year's draft? Getting excited or still feeling the dread?