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NBA Mock Draft 2012: SB Nation Drafts, Peachtree Hoops Selects....

<strong>Right Call?</strong>
Right Call?

It took many days but the SB Nation community pulled together and completed a mock draft of the first round of the NBA Draft 2012.

And who did your favorite Hawks blog select at #23? Well, as it turns out, it wasn't a simple as all of that.


Pick made by Jason Walker of Peachtree Hoops

[Note: the initial pick here was Jared Sullinger ... who went 14 picks ago. After realizing the misstep, Walker nevertheless announced the Wroten pick and confidently declared, "We got our guy!"]

Go and read the whole thing to see who was available when we picked, but yes, I did try to select Sullinger, despite being claimed at #9 by the Pistons.

I was that guy in the draft.

I swear I tried to follow along with all the emails, look at the occasional updated recap note, but ultimately I failed.

There was no explanation for the Wroten pick because they were hauling me off to Drafter's Prison after the gaffe, so let me explain here.

After being in the Big Man Camp (camps related to our Hawks Draft Options post) we saw our main members come off the board before our pick. We then were going to go with Camp Four, which was the help us now camp with the Sullinger pick but obviously (though not to me initially) he was gone at that point.

So we switched over to the Playmaker Camp and went long on Tony Wroten, who could be a Tyreke Evans-type playmaker. We liked the way he has a passing eye and the confidence in which he played for Washington. He would be a project, but so too were the players left on the board at that time and the ones who may have been more ready now we weren't convinced was worth passing on the upside.

Exit Question: What say you? Did we make the right call (other than Sullinger, ha!) given the folks left on the table?