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Danny Ferry Interview On Bill Shanks Show (AUDIO)

Are trades in the mix now that Danny Ferry is here?
Are trades in the mix now that Danny Ferry is here?

Courtesy of Bill Shanks, a ten minute interview with Danny Ferry from yesterday, posted to his blog. (Note: Could not see the audio link on Google Chrome -- had to go to Internet Explorer)

(Sidenote: The media relations team did a stellar job of making Ferry available to outlets like Fox Sports Radio in Macon and around the media circle in general. Outstanding job and the franchise is better off with so much positive publicity in the wake of this hire.)

Also, Sam Amico of Fox gave his take, including the rumors that the Hawks are already open for trading business.

I followed Sam and delivered the best I could muster in terms of optimism, describing this fan base as "scarred" while noting that both this draft and Ferry's hire represent possible change.

Exit Question: Does the Ferry hire represent the change you can believe in? Better yet, let's do a poll!