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NBA Draft 2012: Atlanta Hawks Draft Options

<strong>Going camping.</strong>
Going camping.

With the Atlanta Hawks picking #23 in the 2012 NBA Draft, there is shaping up to be a number of avenues the Hawks could go down. You know, assuming they don't divest themselves completely of the pick so they can pay for something else internally.

Given the scope of players expected to be plucked from around that pick, there might be as many as four camps that hold the direction the fans would like the pick to go.

1. Fab Melo Big Man Camp

Melo is a legit seven foot tall shot blocker, which fills a massive need in the youth-starved front court behind Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia.

As Melo is rising up draft boards, as legit seven footers have historically done, other players in the big man camp could include Arnett Moultrie, Andrew Nicholson and Perry Jones.

You can't argue with the Hawks coming away with a potential rotational piece with their draft pick, especially if it means the end of the "End-of-the-Line" Boys the Hawks have consistently signed to be the fourth big on the roster.

2. Tony Wroten Jr, Playmaker Camp

And the last time the Hawks had a skill set like this was.....?

Wroten truly behaves like a pass-first player with surprising size and heft to his build. His shot is not pure by anyone's accounts, but the playmaking ability is sorely needed -- as is the confidence Wroten played with at Washington.

You could also not fault the Hawks for coming away with a solid backup combo guard that creates plays with an excellent passer's eye.

3. Quincy Miller Small Forward Camp

The Hawks are going to look for a replacement for Marvin Williams. Marvin never made it, but he has been the Hawks de facto small forward since 2006. If the Hawks are ready to let Marvin say goodbye, then they are going to need to replace his minutes with someone other than an again Joe Johnson, which would yield what matchup value Joe has the rest of the way.

ESPN's Chad Ford has the Hawks selecting Moe Harkless with this pick, which would fall into this category, but the Hawks could roll the dice on the 19-year old Miller, who has tremendous upside. Of course he could be Marvin Williams 2.0 as well.

4. Draymond Green Help Us Now Camp

Giving into the safe, secure, "winner" pick. Green, and let's throw Jared Sullinger in here as well in case he falls down the board to the Hawks, would provide the Hawks with offensive prowess with questions on the defensive end.

What they would also provide is maybe more bang for the buck this season, rather than the projects the other camps might employ. Given that the Joe Johnson/Josh Smith/Al Horford triumvirate could be in their last season together, there could be a temptation to grab someone who could have an impact now rather than in a year or two.

Which would do we advocate? You'll have to stay tuned for the SBNation NBA Mock Draft, coming soon.

Exit Question: Which camp are you in and why? Which camp do you think the team will end up in?