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2012 Hawks Offseason: Danny Ferry A Candidate To Replace Rick Sund?

Mandatory Photo credit to Jason Miller of US Presswire
Mandatory Photo credit to Jason Miller of US Presswire

Draft day in the NBA is rapidly approaching and the Atlanta Hawks still don't have a general manager in place for next season. Rick Sund's contract expires two days after the draft and it has seemed like it was a foregone conclusion that Sund would return for at least one more season. A report surfaced earlier this week via ESPN's Chris Broussard that suggests perhaps Sund won't be returning to the team and that the Hawks are quietly seeking a replacement.

Before we talk about Ferry lets first take a look at Sund and the current situation. I have long contended that it was likely that Sund would agree to come back for at least one more season. After all he and the organization have heavily invested in this team's core and given the salary situation and in particular Josh Smith's contract this could be the last go around for this group before significant changes are forced upon them.

The organization hasn't exactly shown a public sense of urgency regarding Sund and the general manager position. Reports indicated that ownership approached Sund earlier about an extension and they denied Portland the opportunity to speak with Sund about the Trail Blazers then vacant gm position. The lack of urgency in my mind convinced me that should Sund not return that someone already in the organization would be the likely replacement. Someone like assistant gm Dave Pendergraft who has spearheaded the Hawks draft preparations and workouts. After all promoting from within is a route that the ASG has gone before.

Which brings us back to Danny Ferry who is currently working for the San Antonio Spurs and is the former general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Broussard's report indicates that Ferry is seeking "power and autonomy" which is not something in my opinion that Rick Sund has enjoyed during his tenure with the Hawks. Would the ASG be willing to change and give Ferry the reigns of the organization? Are they wiling to pay to secure Ferry or someone like him as general manager? I don't feel comfortable answering yes to either of those questions.

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