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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Could Royce White Be A Fit For Hawks At No. 23


Another summer Monday brings another week's worth of NBA Mock Drafts and projections. DraftExpress' most recent effort has the Hawks taking Iowa State sophomore forward Royce White with the 23rd pick in the first round. Here is White's video breakdown from DraftExpress:

Anytime you talk about White you must also talk about his anxiety issues that will likely push him further down the draft board. White has a well publicized fear of flying which became a national storyline when he and his grandfather made an 8 1/2 hour commute to Louisville for the Cyclones' first round game in the NCAA Tournament.

Despite his talent the anxiety issues are very real and are something that NBA scouts and general managers have noticed.

"He could have kept it under wraps, so I like his approach to it. He's open and up front and he's a very good player," said Ryan Blake, the senior director of NBA scouting operations. "But if you get picked in the first round, that's guaranteed money and if he can't get on a plane, then that's tough."