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Schroeder: Al Horford's Return Makes Hawks Relevant Again

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Scott Schroeder is one of our faves and today he writes one of the few articles signifying a Hawks win rather than simply a Boston loss in Game 5. Schroeder focuses on Al Horford's big Game 5 and how Boston might now have to account for the Hawks center position which is something that they haven't had to worry about thus far in the series.

Nevertheless, the Hawks are alive and kicking for at least one more game thanks to the play of Horford in Tuesday's potential elimination game. Whether or not Atlanta is able to complete the comeback and win the seven-game series is up for debate, but one definitely has to wonder what this series would have looked like if Horford had been healthy for the duration.

A healthy Horford combined with a healthy Zaza Pachulia would have significantly changed things for Atlanta. The Hawks are certainly not the only team dealing with injuries in the playoffs but that doesn't necessarily make Atlanta fans feel any better.